Illinois Judge Frequently Asked Questions

Region 5 Technical Questions and Answers


This document is officially produced by the WTC and will assist judges at all levels with valuable information. 

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  • Matting
    • ​Do we need a 4" or 8" mat on top of the resi?
      • All the mat heights are in R and P.  The confusion comes in some of the newer Resi mats are different heights. If the meet has a 24 inch Resi base mat plus a 4” base mat, this is only 28 “ and not the minimum 32”. Therefore, they need another 4 “ to get to 32 “ minimum. Therefore, a deduction of improper equipment if not corrected.
    • The gymnast may land on top of the resi mat by itself unless the resi is not 32".



  • Safety Zone Mat - Vaulting Board Safety Zone Mat
    • ​Per the Rules and Policies dated 2/19/19 "Use of the "VAULTING BOARD SAFETY ZONE MAT" is REQUIRED for all Front handspring onto the board and Round-off entry vaults executed at the Junior Olympic Levels 8, 9 and 10."
  • Hand Placement Mat
    • ​Per the Rules and Policies dated 2/19/19 "A hand placement mat may be placed on the runway (but not on the board) ONLY for vaults that require placing the hands on the runway in front of the board (Round-off or Front handspring entry.)"



  • Fall - Per Char Christensen
    • ​After a fall on bars the gymnast my remount the bar using a mount mat or board
    • ​No deduction for using a mount device to remount
    • Only deduct for the fall



  • Fouette' - ​Per Char Christensen
    • There is not an "A" Fouette
    • Must meet criteria for "B" #1.214
      • ​Must land in scale - no 2 second hold
      • No requirement on amplitude of back leg as long as land one foot with rear leg controlled to scale with back leg off floor
    • If criteria not met for "B"  VP then the gymnast could lose dance series
  • Composition- Level 8/9/10 Isolated Salto
    • ​An isolated salto is considered a pass
    • Use the compostion deductions for a routine with 2 passes - one tumbling pass and an isolated salto
    • Level 6 and 7 are the only levels that designate when three skills must be present in a pass.




  • Platinum Bars - Per Nancy Gibson
    • ​Special Requirements
      • Clear Support Above Horizontal
      • 360 Degree Circle
        • ​Both of theses special requirements can be met if the gymnast performs a clear hip circle finishing above horizontal
  • Silver Bars - Per Nancy Gibson
    • ​Mounting Device
      • ​The mounting device must be pulled after the glide swing
      • If the gymnast lands back on the mounting device to perform the pullover it is a 0.30 deduction
  • General Bars - Per Nancy Gibson
    • ​A cast sole circle dismount can be counted for two skills provided the cast meets the angle requirement for the level