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NEW SJD AS OF MAY 15, 2023


  • Congratulations to Heather Forbes on becoming the new SJD. Heather will take office as of May 15, 2023.
  • Heather ran unopposed and there will be no election per the Candidate is Unopposed Form.
  • Click here for Candidate is Unopposed Form.



  • Upcoming Events
    • March 10-12: L4/5 State, Adventure Commons in Boubonnais, Hosted by Aspire
    • March 17-19: L3, 9, 10 State, Redbird Arena in Normal, Hosted by Gym Etc
    • March 24-26: L6, 7, 8 State, Canlan Sports Complex, Libertyville, Hosted by Ultimate
    • March 31-April 2: Xcel All Levels State, DeKalb HS, DeKalb, Hosted by Energym
    • NAWGJ National Symposium July 13-15, 2023 in Grand Rapids, MI
    • Region 5 Congress July 21-23, 2023 in Lombard, IL
    • USA Gymnastics National Congress August 24-27, 2023 in San Jose, CA
      • ​Send Early Bird registration before April 13, 2023 to ilnawgjkathy@gmail.com
  • Notes from SJD
    • Congratulations to Judges who are assigned to State, Regional and National Meets
    • Xcel Uneven Bars Clarification
  • Click here for the IL NAWGJ March 2023 "IN"

Rules Clarifications From RTCC - Sue Kane


  1. Level 8 Salto vaults: spotting assistance in the post flight will NOT VOID the vault.   A 1.0 deduction will be applied if the coach bumps or touches the gymnast during the salto portion of the vault. 
  2. Pit pillows are only allowed currently on Bars 
  3. There is an up to .1 deduction for extension on glide kip in optionals. It is up to .2 for compulsories.  
  4. Level 9 Bars:  Reminder that a D skill is considered a C skill for connection bonus.  Therefore, if a gymnast does a D release to an overshoot, the overshoot is still a B not a C.  So it will not meet the C half turn requirement.
  5. Two "A" elements are awarded for cast to squat/stoop/straddle on the LB followed by a sole circle forward or backward to stand on the LB.  The step in-sole circle also counts as a squat on for Level 10.
  6. Announcing of vault numbers is required at all sanctioned DEV and XCEL competitions
  7. Reminder when a gymnast falls, judging resumes with the first skill listed in the Code of Points.  Ex.: If they mount with a run out kip, there is a deduction taken.
  8. Level 10: If there is a fall on a "D" skill, it can be repeated and receive bonus if done with a different entrance or exit.
  9. If there is a Technical/Equipment Failure, the gymnast may continue from the point of interruption. CJ determines when the continuation occurs. Equipment failure can be competitive apparatus, personal equipment (torn or broken grip), or music failure, the gymnast may choose to stop and request permission from the CJ to resume at point of interruption.
  10. XCEL ONLY: SR credit will be awarded for the cast/clear support angle within 10° of the Division’s specified angle. A deduction of 0.10 will be applied for amplitude will be applied for 1-10° below the requirement. Clarification: The 0.10 angle deduction for cast/skill angles on bars is ONLY applied to the element that is being used to fulfill a special requirement. It is not applied to every attempted cast/skill on bars. 1) 11° or more below the requirement will not receive SR credit. No angle deduction will apply.
  11. XCEL: Platinum and Diamond Beam: The jump or leap with the required degree of split may be in the dance series or may be isolated.  If isolated, a dance series is still required.



Although the handstands on beam are in different boxes and have different numbers, they are considered the same in Xcel.  As per Christi verified by Nancy the clarification negates the fact that the skill is on 2 different pages, in 2 different boxes, with 2 different numbers


See Xcel code of Points - Balance Beam page 3