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  • Winter weather helpful tips
    • ​Keep meet referee’s phone number handy
    • Allow extra time for travel
  • Challenging Meet formats
  • Thank you to judges
    • ​For brining extra electronic devices to meets
    • Mentoring judges for virtual judging format
    • Betsy Ellis for going extra mile to help fellow judge
  • Noteworthy Notes from SJD
    • Continue to social distance at competitions
    • IL USA Gymnastics Committee selected state meet judges. List to be released in March IN
    • Update availability
    • Regional Committee for USA Gymnastics meeting February 15th on regional judging assignments and championship meets
  • ​Christi's Corner
    • Links for Practice Judging, Reference Cards, Composition Cards, Optional and Xcel Vault Chart, Optional Vault Deductions, Xcel Reference Cards, Common Deductions
  • ​​Click here for a copy of the "IN" February 2021 edition



According to USA Gymnastics both live and virtual sanctioned meets are governed by USA Gymnastics Women's Program Rules and Policies (R&P), USA Gymnastics safety guidelines, Safe Sport Policy, and judging criteria.


USA Gymnastics has a page with information on virtual meets including Virtual Sanction Playbooks, FAQ, and Virtual Sanction Resources.  Click here for the website.

  • Virtual Sanction Playbooks
    • ​There is a link to the playbook for Women's Artistic Gymnastics listed
  • ​Frequently Asked Questions
    • ​Questions and answers about virtual sanctions/meets.  
  • USA Gymnastics Virtual Competition Learning Series (Coming Soon)
  • Virtual Sanction Resources
    • ​Information for different resources on virtual meets.
      • ​Flyp10 Information
        • ​If a meet is using Flyp10 as a video submission format a judge must create an account with Flyp 10. There are procedures for Account Management - Creating and Updating your Account on Flyp10 on the USA Gymnastics Virtual Sanctions web page under Virtual Sanction Resources for Flyp10 Information. Click here for the Flyp10 Information web page. 
      • WAG Region 7 Virtual Sanction Q&A
        • ​PowerPoint presentation with information for both the meet director and judges on set-up, camera postion, scoring, and what was learned.
      • WAG 2020-2021 competition Season - Specific Judging Criteria Changes/Update
        • For both virtual AND in-person events for 2020-2021 the run will not be evaluated.
          • Level 1 - ONLY the up to 0.30 Failure to maintain horizontal speed
          • Level 2 and 3 - BOTH up to 0.30 Failure to maintain horizontal speed AND up to 0.30 Insufficient acceleration during the run
        • ​​NAWGJ YouTube Channel 
          • NAWGJ has with different videos on Virtual Judging.  Click here for the website.
        • ​Virtual Test Event Recap: Pink Invitational
          • ​Information on how to set up for a virtual meet including devices, wi-fi and scoring and suggestions.

Update on IRS Mileage Rate


Effecitve January 1, 2021 the new IRS business standard mileage rate $0.56 per mile.

Click here for the update.

2020-2021 Competition Season – Specific Judging Criteria changes/updates


As of 11/13/2020 for vault Level 1, 2 and 3 deductions for the run will not be scored. 

Click here for the update.




The list of items eligible for reimbursement has been updated.

Click here for a list of the items.


Requests for reimbursement from EARNED Educational Benefits MUST INCLUDE the Reimbursement FORM found on IL NAWGJ website
https://www.ilnawgj.com/ and a copy of the actual receipt. (Credit card statements or packing lists are NOT receipts)


Click here for instructions to print receipts from USA Gymnastics for

  • Congress Registration
  • Testing
  • USAG Memberships
  • Technical Material (Code of Points)



  • Gymjas has a new function called Activity Reports which, will cover a judge with insurance.
  • This function is for judge related activities such as a critique, clinic, or unsanctioned mock meet. THIS IS NOT FOR CHOREOGRAPHY OR IN GYM COACHING.
  • The judge is responsibile for entering the information into Gymjas prior to going the gym.  It will be accepted in GymJas up to midnight of the same day.
  • Activity Reports is listed under Create A Contract


Please remember to remain current on memberships


  • Judges your USA Gymnastics membership expires on July 31st. 
  • Verify the expiration dates of your Safety Certification, Safe Sport and Background Check.