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Thank you to all the judges that ran for a position on the Illinois State Governing Board. These Judges included Brooke Bennett, Cheryl Schuh, Christi Kearns, Connie Urich-Rodriguez, Jeanne Johnson, Judy Harwood, Kathy Krebs, Mary Lou Ackman, Sarah Mark, and Sue Woloszyk


A BIG thank you to Hilary Carlson- Education Chair as she retires from the board!!!


The election results are as follows:

  • Kathy Krebs - Administrative Assistant
  • Christi Kearns and Mary Lou Ackman - Assigners
  • Connie Urich-Rodriquez - Education Chair
  • Brooke Bennett - Judge's Cup Chair
  • Cheryl Schuh - Webmaster
  • Sue Woloszyk - Treasurer



The Professional Involvement Forms (PIF) are due on august 15, 2017.  

These forms are on the Region 5 website or click here.

  • The form is new this year.
  • There are 14 pages.
  • Level 10 and above Judges will need to list five meets where you judged Level 10's, the number of sessions and how many judged at each meet.
  • Judges availability for state regional and national meets are listed on the PIF.
  • There will be a 4 Judge panel at Level 10 State Meet Only.





Click here for the Reminders-Updates-Houskeeping document from the SJD

  • CPE's are due to the CPE Coordinator Hilary Carlson.  
    • Any judge who received a rating after August 1, 2016 does not have to turn in CPE's for the past year.
    • If you are still working on your CPE's you have to the end of the summer.
  • ​National or Brevet Course
    • ​Any Judge eligible for the course may submit forms.
    • Send to Char Christensen at charchristensen@icloud.com
  • ​USA Gymnastics Memberships
    • ​USA Gymnastics memberships due by July 31, 2017
    • All Pro Members are required to take the Safe Sport U110 The US Olympic Committee Safe Sport Course
  • ​NAWGJ Memberships are due by July 31, 2017
  • Gymjas
    • ​Please update memberhips profiles with current dates for memberships when completed
    • Enter availability
    • List any preferences
  • ​Judges Cup reimbursement
    • ​Send official form to Sue Woloszyk at sewsue811@gmail.com
    • Click here for form​
  • AAU Clinic - Sunday, August 27, 2017 at Itasca Park District
    • ​There will be an AAU Clinic free to all Illinois NAWGJ members.​
    • Contact Linda McDonad at lindailsjd@gmail.com to register
  • ​Upcoming Exams
    • ​July 9, 2017 at Aspire Gymnastics
    • October 1, 2017 at Phenom Gymnastics
    • Click here for USA Gymnastics Judging Accrediation information
  • ​Past Meeting Minutes are now available.
    • ​To view past meeting minutes click here or click on the Meeting Minutes & Newsletter tab and the Archive Meeting Minutes section


Check out the Archive Meeting Minutes from past Board Meetings

  • Click here or go to the Meeting Minutes & Newsletter tab and the Archive Meeting Minutes section.


IL NAWGJ would like to invite vendors to take part in the upcoming IL NAWGJ Judges Cup.  

For information contact Brook Bennett, Judges Cup Chair at illinoisjudgescup@gmail.com

NAWGJ and USA Gymnastics Memberships Expire July 31, 2017

  • Failure to renew memberships by September 1, 2017 will place a Judge into an inactive status
  • Please hold off on sending copies of yur USA Gymnastiic Pro Membership and NAWGJ membership union August 1, 2017.